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11/30/2006 8:55:41 AM
My Birthday was tuesday, 22nd, and I haven't been on this thing since i was like 19. I'm not quite sure why I'm here, I clicked on Dave's iinfo on aim... Really, anything to distract my studies, cause I'm totally not diggin that right now. I see things have changed quite a bit on Nutang since it first came about. Lovely to see the progress. Only 11 baboons working at my service?! that's pitiful i demand 35 AT LEAST. I'm quite high maintenance. and this rant im doing. completely pointless. and they out of nowhere . totally not necessary, but i do it. Anyway... Im bored, i think imma make coffee now.

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it's been a while...
Tuesday. 8.2.05 11:02 pm
It's been so long since I've actually gone on here... I'm here simply because I'm doing dave a favor... I've been away from it so long that I can't even remember how to maneuver around it... Anyway... It's summertime.. I went to California about a week ago, and it was the best week over... I doubt that anyone would ever read this... Not that I really care, cause I probably won't be back for another hundred years... Matter of fact, I've been at Xanga for the past year... and it's been okay... I haven't written on that much either. I dont have much to stay I just liek to rant alot and take up lots of space... I'm still with the same guy I was with a year ago... things have been good.. I can't complain really... how can you when he does everything for you and he tries to be perfect? no one is perfect... I love him to death. I hate it when you're waiting for someone to call, text, or email you... just because you get so happy to hear from them... that's not the thing with the bf really... it's just an old friend... iono.. okay ranting... i have a jrt. he's now... old enough.. LOL like a year old he's wonderful .

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03/06/2004 3:30:36 PM
So, I decided to start my spring break a day early... Well it really wasn't by choice, everyone in the family got the stomach flu. Ew. Lemme tell ya it's not a good thing. I didn't even do much of anything on friday to tell you the truth. I could summarize my day in 10 sentences.
a. I woke up, and then went back to sleep.
b. I brushed and then I went back to sleep.
c. I took a shower then I went to back to sleep.
d. I watched tv and then I went to sleep.
e. Thong picked me up we went to the mall to pick up my paycheck, made a deposit, and went to the parks mall to get a smoothie.
f. We went to Target to buy school of rock.
g. We got back to his house, and I fell asleep.
h. I woke up and drank some water, then went back to sleep.
i. I woke up again and lied there for like 10 minutes and went back to sleep.
j. I woke up and I went home, where I went to sleep.

So you see, My day was extremely productive. hahaha. Well at least I feel better now. It was weird, yesterday I ate NOTHING at all. I mean I guess you don't need food when you sleep alll day. hahaha.
Yeah I felt sorry for thong since we didn't get to do much yesterday. I was all sick and weak. He got to watch me sleep how fun. how sweet. he tried to take care of me. ahahah.
Well I have to go to work soon, ew. how uncool is that? I guess. I dont care. I need moola oola. hahaha. I found shoes that I want! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby. hahaha

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The facts... of MY life.
03/03/2004 12:49:52 AM
Life has been absolutely insane. Well not really. I've just been keeping busy for the past two days. Actually, I've been working everyday since last wednesday. It's now tuesday. and I've nearly worked a whole week. WHOA. well it's a big deal to me. Then I have the rest of the week off except for Saturday night. Anyway. yeah Not much of anything. Just been working and school. It's like sorta cool. hahaha. Anyway. I have ajunkload of stuff to do tomorrow. and Im freakin excited about spring break, hahah, well actually I'll spend most of that time trying to study for my midterms and etc. ew. hahaha Maybe catch up on a few of my hws. and junk like that. Im tired. I'll quit typing now. haha.

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doot doot
02/24/2004 1:54:29 AM
We haven't been at our greatest lately, but we try to make it work. We always end up happy because we know we're doing something we want, and the feeling is mutual. We talk about things as they arise, and talk each other through it. If I didn't have a great boyfriend that was so patient with me, I dont know where i'd be.

Yes, so he and I are officially parents.
Yesterday. we bought two fishies at petsmart,
minnie died in 4 hrs, and the other one got eaten by the fat stubby turtle. haha
To make things right,we adopted 4 new babies.
everyone meet: ELLIE, DORA, BOB, AND FRED.

aren't they just adorable, do you like the scenery mammi and pappi made for them? yep pimp. hahaha.

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